Woodlands Park

Information about the park for visitors to Y Caban

Driving on the Park:

Please note that for the safety of everyone on the park the speed limit is 5mph. You will see that there are maximum speed limit signs in place; the park roads carry the same legal restrictions as roads and highways in the UK. So please ensure that you keep to the speed limits and no driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Approach speed humps slowly t prevent you from causing any damage to your vehicle. Please park your vehicle within the marked parking bays so that everyone can find a space.


The Pond:

At the entrance to the park you will see our pond which is home to many resident goldfish, water boatmen, frogs and toads. You may also spot dragonflies and the occasional Heron to. It is a haven for wildlife and is teeming with all manner of pond dwelling wildlife. But ponds can be dangerous for children and dogs alike. So please ensure your children are aware of the dangers and are accompanied by an adult by the pond at all times.


DVD Library:

The main reception has a selection of DVD’s which you are more than welcome to borrow during you stay. If the weather is not so kind they can be a great source of entertainment for you and your family. Y Caban televisions have built in DVD players. You will find the DVD library in the Reception and Sales Office.


Local Attractions and Days Out:

Come and browse the wide selection of leaflets in the Reception & Sales Office.


Woodlands provide you with free Wi-Fi connection.

To log on go to your network settings menu and choose to connect to Woodlands Park Wi-Fi.

At the Woodlands Welcome Page click on continue button to log on. The network is an open network. Which simply means anyone can log onto it with a unique password. This is why it is referred to as not secure. Please be assured that your connections to the websites that you visit are indeed protected. Please note that the Wi-Fi will not be as fast or as strong as the broadband that you have at home, because the service is transmitted by satellite rather than a wired cable broadband connection.


Recycling & Rubbish Disposal:

Clear plastic bag for cans, plastic, paper and cardboard.

Black refuse bag for general waste and food waste.


You will see the bin areas marked on the park map. There are two types of bins. One marked Recycling for the clear plastic bags and the other for black refuse bags.

We do not have a facility for recycling glass or bottles.


Dog Waste Bins:

At bin area you will also find a green doggy waste bin. We have left you some doggy bags in you doggy welcome pack.

Please pick up after your pet and ensure your dog is kept on a lead at all times on the park.


Woodlands Dog Walk – through the woods to Llanarth:

If you walk up to the top right hand corner of the park you will find our dog walk. Turn left and follow the path through the woodlands. Here you can let you do go “Off lead” to enjoy all the sniffs and smells that are around. Walking above the stream you will be walking for about half hour before you reach the village of Llanarth. A good place for you all to rest before returning is the Llanina Arms on the main road.



There is a Launderette behind Reception on the right hand side of the main building. You will find 3 large washing machines and 2 large tumble driers. The Launderette is open from 8am – 8pm every-day.

Washing Machine: The cost of the large wash is £4.00 (4x£1 coins) the wash takes approximately 25 minutes.

Tumble Dryer: The machines take 20p, 50p and £1.00 coins.

Each 20p coin gives you 6 minutes of drying time.

Each 50p coin gives you 15 minutes of drying time.

Each £1.00 coin gives you 30 minutes of drying time.

If you need change for the machines please come into reception during opening times and they can give you the change you need.


Play Area:

The play area is located towards the back of the park and has been designed with our younger guests in mind 12 years and under. We hope they have lots of fun playing there. To ensure that everyone is kept safe and happy the play area rules are as follows:

  • Glass and bottles are not permitted.
  • Dogs are not permitted.
  • Children must be supervised at all times and not be left unaccompanied.
  • No ball games in the play area please.

Please report any issues to reception and ensure your children are wearing the appropriate footwear for climbing, sliding, running and having fun.

Bus Service:

There is a bus service which can take you to New Quay, or further afield to Aberaeron and Aberystwyth or in the other direction to Cardigan.

The bus stop is located just outside the park. Turn right out of the park and it is less than a minutes’ walk down the hill. A recent time table is in the back of the folder for your information – however please double check if and when you use the service. The current bus timetable should be displayed at the bus stop as seasonal times may alter.



Taxis are both plentiful and reasonably priced and are a very convenient way to travel locally. Taxi numbers are listed on the useful contact numbers page at the beginning of this pack.



Bee & Bug Insect Hotels:

Woodlands Park is extremely proud to be a David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award park. Our trees and shrubs planted across the park have been carefully chosen to support our native wildlife, in the very important job of pollination. You will also discover Bee & Bug Insect Hotels across the park. These little accommodation units give a much needed home to all manner of creepy crawlies and buzzing beasties. Be sure to look out for them on your next exploration of our beautiful grounds.

Y Caban
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Woodlands Holiday Park
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